The collective namesake brand is a fusion of design cultural influences, translated in the language of trends yet moulded to be among the classics. It is designed to speak ease and comfort being light and casual, but is transformative to be dramatic and elegant, truly taking the modern-day woman from day to night.

Ilaria Paci believes in the core sensibility and true essence of “quality without the price tag”, having the line only hand-made in Italy by artisans.  


                                                                                          Meet Ilaria Paci

Ilaria is an artist and a designer by heart. She lives and breathes to draw inspiration, even in the most mundane of things. Like many of artists, her passion in all things beautiful was sown within her, early yet deep, from one closest to home -- her mother.  In a small town in the Adriatic Coast of Italy, she grew up looking to the woman that wore lipstick and put on her jewellery to run her daily errands. This left a mark in her psyche that, in fact, a woman is and could always choose to feel beautiful. In her early adult years, she decided to open boutiques in her local Italy, called Mignon and Salotto di Mignon. This allowed her to nurture her fantasies as she designed bespoke jewellery for her clients, capitalizing on the uniqueness of every single one. This path eventually found her working with fashion brands in the likes of Moschino and Dolce & Gabbana. Now, thinking more globally, she did her travels and studies that honed her passion even further.

Fast forward to today, Dubai now is her second home – with the gulf region being here new muse. The region’s wealth and the strong, cross-cultural exoticism of the old and the new, evoked an inspiration; this, along with the distinct grace and beauty of the Middle Eastern women helped create this new line of costume jewellery.